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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 22, 2014 3:00am-4:01am EST

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this morning on "world news now" -- disturbing new details about the two new york police officers ambushed on the job. >> officer ramos, officer liu died in the line of duty protecting the city they loved. >> the warnings about the gunman that came in too late and fears of a backlash. >> extreme weather from a lightning strike after a football game sending spectators to the hospital to flooding rain storms and snow just in time for christmas. accuweather is tracking it. later, skiing setback. olympic star lindsey vonn and her heartbreak and a big spill an the slopes. >> the fact she's coming back and trying again is very admirable. she is a tough cookie. >> what's next for america's most celebrated woman on the
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slopes? it's monday, december 22nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone, on this monday. i'm tai hernandez. >> i'm t.j. holmes. we start with a city in mourning. an outpouring for two new york city officers shot as they sat in their squad car. >> total strangers gathered for a candlelight vigil in brooklyn at the place the officers were targeted by a man with a garage against cops. >> reporter: the moment of frenzie and chaos that ensues after two brooklyn police officers were gunned don. a warning game. it was just too late. police say within minutes of the ambush that killed officers wenjain liu and rafael ramos, two alerts came in including a fax to the nypd. this wanted poster of ismaaiyl brinsley, the man wanted for the
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execution-style killing. it all began around 5:45 a.m. in baltimore. >> brinsley's former girlfriend was shot and seriously wounded. >> reporter: baltimore county detectives called the nypd to tell them instagram posts included threats against new york city police prochs just one minute before the shoot, that fax coming in. >> tragically this was at certainlily the same time as our officers were being ambushed. >> reporter: according to nypd at 2:47, officers liu and ramos were sitting in their patrol car when brinsley walked up to the passenger side of their vehicle and opened fire striking both officers in the head at point-blank range. s.w.a.t. teams chased the suspect to a nearby sub way station. the police say the suspect then shot himself in the head. >> officer ramos and officer liu
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died in the line of duty protecting the city they loved. >> reporter: officers also visibly moved saturday evening standing at attention as the ambulance carry the two officers passed by. ramos joined the nypd three years ago. he was a husband and father two of sons. on facebook, one of his sons posting this. today i had to say good-bye to my father, he says. he was the best father i could ask for. it's horrible that someone gets shot dead just for being a police officer. liu had been on the job for seven years and just got married two months ago. there were recently just a few flowers. now a massive vigil with dozens of police officers and residents paying their respects and praying for the fallen officers. linsey davis, abc news, brooklyn, new york. the shooting follows weeks of nationwide protests and clashes over police brutality. the instagram message left by ismaaiyl brinsley says, quote,
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i'm putting wings on pigs today. they take one of ours, let's tack two of theirs. he then added the #shoot the police along with the names of eric garner and michael brown. eric garner's mom was quick today to speak out against the attack. >> anyone standing with us, we want you to not use eric garner's name for violence, because we are not about that. >> brinsley also posted a photo of the murder weapon on facebook writing, quote, this may be my final post. his krminal history includes at least 19 arrests. relatives say he had a violent past and undiagnosed mental illness. an ex-con has been charged with the murderer of a tampa area officer. the victim is charles kondek. he served five years with the nypd before moving to florida. the shooting did not appear to be related to the murderer of the new york city police officers. a closical for tampa bay
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buccaneers fans after yesterday's game after a lightning strike. it hit in a stadium parking lot. at least 11 people were injured. seven taken to the hospital by ambulance. no one was hit directly by the boelts but one man was knocked unconscious. others hit by flying rocks and debris. >> they were all lying on the ground. people put rain coats over them so they didn't go into shock. >> reporter: that suv was hit directly by a bolt. they were unable to drive home to wisconsin. it's going to be a wet christmas in oregon. heavy rain over the weekend that brought flooding. there are flood warnings for rivers in much of the northwest although they're begunning to recede. light showers are in the forecast today but then another storm moves into the northwest on christmas eve. in the east, two storms systems combining into one could slow don millions of holiday travelers.
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>> forecaster steph davis has the latest from accuweather. >> thanks, t.j. and tai. watch for accumulating snowfall across the north central due to a storm system. that will bring us some travel delays. the most delays will be felt an christmas eve. more of just a rain event. however, gusty wunds will slow things down. that's switching over to snow and even ice an the back side of the storm as cooler air filters in from the north. do be careful traveling for your christmas eve. t.j. and tai, back to you. >> steph, thank you so much. president obama has tapped atlanta's former prosecutor for the top spot. if confirmed by the senate she'd handle day-to-day operations at the justice department. she's a long time prosecutor and specializes in public corruption. north korea is sounding off after being linked to the sony hacking. it's warning of strikes against the white house, the pentagon
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and whole u.s. mainland. meanwhile, sony is still exploring ways to get the movie "the interview" released here in the u.s. here's abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: the group behind the sony attack firing back and taunting the fbi. an online post claiming to be from the guardians of peace includes a link to this page with a so-called christmas gift message. written in broken english as the other leaks have been, it says in part the result of investigation by fbi is so excellent that you might have seen what we were doing withior own eyes. we congratulate you success. fbi is the best in the world. the message also links to this youtube video titled you are an idiot. it shows a montage of happy faces and animated dancing. it's unclear if the video uploaded in 2006 is directly linked to the cyberattack group. the hollywood reporter could not
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verify the authenticity of the e-mail but says the message appears previous to similar ones from the gop. north korea denied responsibility for the hack despite the fbi and the president naming the regime as the culprits. >> they caused a lot of damage. >> reporter: on state-run media, the cokim jong-un government accusing them of spreading groundless allegations and threatening grave consequences if the u.s. rejected their offer of a jont investigation to find the real attackers. the white house is standing by its assertion the north koreans hacked into sony's computers and leaked embarrassing information and unauthorized content. tom llamas, abc news, new york. jameis winston is free to play in his college team's playoff game now that he's been cleared by the school in a sexual assault investigation. he attended a hearing to determine whether he's violated fsu's code of conduct in an
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alleged assault two years ago. the former judge who ran the hearing now says there is not enough evidence to find winston guilty any of violations. the woman accusing winston can appeal that ruling within five days. the seattle sea hahawks too over first place with a blowout of the cardinals last night. this is one of the best 79-yard touchdowns you'll ever see. this is just embarrassing. this is why they call him beast mode. this is a scary man. he scares other grown men. yeah, that's marshawn lynch for the td. they won the game, 35-6. the defending champ seattle s seahawks look like they are ready for another playoff push. >> that is clear as day. he's good. pretty good. all right. now to a remarkable golfer from florida who just entered the record books. 103-year-old gus.
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he hits the links three times a week. on one of those rounds last week he sunk a hole in one. he's likely the oldest to ever do that beating the previous record of a 102-year-old woman seven years ago. gus says it was the 8th hole in one ever. he's done this eight times before. his first one was 75 years ago. he's not ready to stop playing but looks forward to another hole in one setting a new record. there you have him heading back to his golf cart. >> he has a nice stroll. >> doesn't surprise me that he's 103. that's how long it takes to understand the game. >> i figure you aren't a golf fan? >> i've been once or twice. i'm just having fun. i have no idea what's going on. >> just drink and enjoy the weather. >> drive around in the cart. all good. a friend helping a friend in great danger. in "the mix" it's just two
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boxing legend muhammad ali remains in a louisville hospital this morning with a mild case of pneumonia. a spokesman says he's in stable condition. his prognose sis good. 72-year-old ali suffers from parkinson. his daughter laila tweeted out an sunday her father is doing well and thanked everyone for their positive thoughts.
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lindsay vonth in is working on her comeback. >> it's coming with a brand new sitback. here now neal karlinsky. >> reporter: it was a return to action that seemed impossible just a year ago. 30-year-old lindsey vonn speeding through a race in the alps. the olympic gold medal winner and america's most celebrated american skier has been out for much of the last two years. devastating crashes and a recurring knee injury keeping her out of the sochi olympics and putting her career into question. just four races back on the verge of world cup history when her luck took a turn yet again. >> trouble and vonn is down. >> reporter: her troublesome right knee was inn injured. her improbable comeback still on track. >> she is really a force. the fact she's coming back trying again, i think is something that's very admirable. she is a tough cookie.
3:16 am
>> reporter: it's been a long climb back to the top for vonn. the superstarskier crediting boyfriend tiger woods with helping her get back to her best. >> i want to be successful again, and i will. >> reporter: vonn will be back in competition early next month gunning for the all-time win record and a chance to rewrite history yet again. neal karlinsky, abc news, los angeles. >> fyi, she's dating tiger woods. that's that lindsay vonn. >> i missed that. >> it's great. she didn't injure the knee that was critical to her comeback, which is great. ticket to paradise but is that deal too good to be true? abc cameras busting in on businesses offering free vacations. what they had to say for themselves. ahead in our next half hour. shopping sprint. we're getting down to the wire with all the deals. did it pay to wait? you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now"
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continues after this f
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you've likely seen these in your mailbox. those brochures offering free plane tickets, trips to exotic locations. >> rebecca jarvis decided to take a trip of her own with hidden cameras to determine if these deals were too good to be true. >> reporter: ts the season for giving and traveling. when two free airline tickets plus two nights at a hotel show up in the mailbox it may seem like holiday cheer. we're an a mission tracking the anatomy of a free aches run around. the retail value is up to $1,398. there was just one problem. when we googled the phone number we were supposed to call, we got this. complaints and lots of them from
3:19 am
people who received letters just like this one. so we decided to schedule an appointment with this mystery company. >> i received a letter in the mail telling me to call this number -- >> to claimer free trip. i stay for the 90-minute presentation. i get two tickets. sounds like a good deal. >> reporter: we sent two abc news producers wearing hidden cameras to attend the seminar and pick up those free tickets. >> good afternoon. how is everyone doing. >> reporter: we find a relentless sales pitch that lasts more than 90 minutes. as it becomes apparent our producers are not willing to sign up they are moved to three different locations with three different salespeople each trying to get us to sign up. over two hours after we walk in the door, we're still empty-handed. >> what's up with the tickets we were promised? >> reporter: we're eventually given these vouchers for a free trip. 15 days after sending in our
3:20 am
activation form we didn't get tickets in the mail but a solicitation for more money. >> it's been about two months now since we first met ppg travel in long island. now we've tracked them down in new jersey. we saw some of the same familiar faces from that first seminar. >> how are you? i'm rebecca jarvis with abc news. >> but they quickly left, leaving us with thus guy who calls himself thorn. >> i'm not seeing any free tickets. nothing complimentary. >> they are free gifts. >> where are he complimentary tickets. >> we give a 90-minute presentation. if you attended a presentation and this form was signed. >> reporter: the company claims they are fulfilled by an outside company and they're not responsible for fulfilling the trip. >> we sent in the money. we got these. then we were told if you want the ticket you have to pay an activation fee for $59 a person. >> which was identified -- >> that's not complimentary. >> it was the form you were
3:21 am
promised going in. if you read the small print. >> reporter: thorn rekweftsed a second interview in his offices but neither he or anybody else from ppg travel got back to us. >> we still don't have that complimentary hotel stay or tickets we were promised. now we've been offered a new deal. but still, no tickets. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> they put some time in and we know -- rebecca is still running around the building. clearly she -- >> that's true. >> two hours of a sales pitch. >> have you done one of those before? >> give you a ticket to get me out of here. >> i don't trust anything that's free. >> there you go, folks. that's all you need to know. >> did i say some words of truth? coming up, something to show you here. a hero monkey? yeah, saving his buddy. >> and a kid's latest dream job that may leave you frozen in
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lasts up to 35% longer than the competition. all right. we've got some video that everybody is kind of big on these days. a monkey saves his buddy. that's how i'm going to set it up. this is out of india where apparently -- kind of speaks for itself. one monkey there. another monkey seems to be out of it. he picks his friend up and tosses him in the water. what people say did happen or has happened in this video is that the monkey that seems out of it was electrocuted and the other one doused him in the water and tried to wake up his electrocuted buddy. >> tried to save his life. >> yes. >> not red cross approved. >> do not try that. that is not medical attention.
3:26 am
>> all right. so moving on, we've got -- people love a flash mob and a creative wedding proposal. here we have two at the same time. this is a flash mob, right? flash dancing mob. check out the guy in blue. his girlfriend is with him. she's like, what? wait my boyfriend is joining in on the flash mob. how nice. >> having a good time. >> oh, that's cool. >> and that's bruno mars "marry you." he asked her to marry him. here it comes. >> that's a good one. >> he said i had a good idea she'd say yes, but i was nervous. >> that's a really, really good one. >> she said yes. >> she has to say yes after this. >> picture perfect from start to finish. >> that's fantastic. >> it's nice. >> let's tourn to that to a vido
3:27 am
you're seeing a lot on disney. "frozen." we're tacking about elsa. over in great britain, british girls, 1 out of 5 say when they grow up, they want to be elsa. they consider this a real job. young ladies over there have a detachment from what is a real line of work. 1 in 5 girls polled say they would like to be elsa when they grow up. >> not exactly a job. >> no, it's not. >> but it's good if you can get it. >> yes it is. >> be an ice queen. >> if you can sing like that you can be a great disney character. elsa herself. moving on, excited puppy video. another classic we love. this is a puppy recognizing its owner. oh, my goodness. >> they put it to music. >> 400,000 views in two days. you can see why. that's how i get when i see you,
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this morning on "world news now" -- ambushed officers. concerns about the backlash and the outpouring of grief after two new york cops were gunned down. the disturbing details emerging about the shooter. florida heartbreak. the routine police call that ended in an officer shot to death near tampa. the ex-con accused and captured. and what he has to say. quarterback cleared. the fsu player accused of sexual assault. the campus investigation. the outcome and what's next for jameis winston. songs of joy from music star elton john and lance bass. the two singers now have something very big in common. that's in "the skinny" on this monday, december 22nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
3:31 am
>> good monday morning. i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm tai hernandez. we begin with the shock and grief in new york and across the country over the cold-blooded murder of two officers. >> nypd officers were gunned down in broad daylight sitting in their marked patrol car. it happened so fast they never had time to draw their weapons. abc's cecilia vega has the latest. >> reporter: on the sunday before christmas, new yorkers stand together on a cold night mourning the death of two police officers. rafael ramos and wenjain liu, their deaths shaking a city and uniting it. >> we all mourn together. >> reporter: the mother of one of the slain officers quietly praying next to a sea of flowers and candles marking the place they died. a scene of chaos and shock the day earlier. the two officers were sitting in their marked patrol car in brooklyn when 28-year-old ismaaiyl brinsley walked up to the passenger side of their vehicle and opened fire striking
3:32 am
both officers in the head at point-blank range. >> shots fired. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. teams chased brinsley into a subway station. passengers dropping to the ground in fear. brinsley then shot himself in the head. earlier that day in baltimore, brinsley shot his ex-girlfriend in the stomach and posted this on instagram. traveling on a bus. i am putting wings on pigs today, he wrote. they take one of ours. let's take two of theirs. baltimore police alerted their new york colleagues about the post around the same time brinsley started talking to two men on a brooklyn street. >> he asked them for their gang affiliation and to follow him on instagram and then says, look what i'm going to do. >> reporter: each of the slain officers leaves behind a wife. officer ramos had two children. officer liu was married just two months ago. cecilia vega, abc news, new york. a former new york police officer has been shot and killed near tampa. the victim charles kondek had
3:33 am
been with the tarpin springs police department in florida for 17 years. he was shot to death after an early morning run-in with an ex-con. kondek was called to an apartment after a noise complaint. he was the father of six children. >> i just can't believe this. why would someone shoot our police officers? why? when they are protecting us. >> kondek was wearing a bulletproof vest, but one of the shots hit him above the vest. police say the killer confessed to the crime and is charged with first-degree murder. the suspect apologized to the officer's family as he was escorted to jail. the number of american police officers killed is up. the total number of fatalities is up 23%. the number of firearms related death up 58%. statistics include the killings in new york and florida over the weekend. the reward has been doubled in the mysterious shooting of a texas weatherman. police near waco have released a sketch of a suspect in the
3:34 am
shooting which wounded patrick crawford. the reward for information is now $10,000 thanks to an anonymous donation. crawford is still recovering in the hospital. he exchanged words with the suspect before shots were fired. a teenager is recovering from a brutal bear attack in the florida panhandle. the 15-year-old girl was walking her dog when she came face to face with a black bear near a supermarket in east point. the bear pounced on her leaving her with bite marks, claw marks and lacerations all over her face and body. the bear tried to drag the girl away but it ran off when her dog started barking. there's been a major clue in the disappearance of a philadelphia student. his keys were found in a nearby river after a 4 1/2-hour search yesterday. the 21-year-old had been out with friends at a bar when he vanished thanksgiving morning. a lightning strike in florida sent nearly a dozen people to the hospital. it struck after -- excuse me, folks. it struck after the tampa bay
3:35 am
buccaneers game. no one was hit directly but one fan was knocked unconscious. the force blew some people over. others were injured by dirt and rocks. the lightning actually struck an suv belonging to packers fans. people in the pacific northwest are bracing for more wet weather. more than an inch of rain fell on the eugene area and more in the forecast, including a major storm christmas eve. so far there's just been minor flooding and road closures but the area is under a flood warning and a flood watch. the real weather concern is this week the combination of two storms forming into one. just in time for christmas eve, a sloppy storm in the east. forecaster steph davis is at accuweather with more. good morning, steph. >> thanks, t.j. and tai. a storm system will impact the north central on monday bringing accumulating snowfall and travel delays across the dakotas and minnesota. on christmas eve, do be careful
3:36 am
if you are traveling. two storm systems combining making travel a nightmare across the eastern seaboard. mostly a rain event, however, gusty winds will definitely slow things down at the major airports. cooler air filtering in back behind the storm will bring a mix of snow and rain across the plains and north central. for christmas day itself, this storm will continue to lift off to the north. rain still lingering in new england. back behind the storm, expect a blustery day for much of the northeast. t.j. and tai, back to you. >> steph, thank you. for the rest of the country, showers for the pacific northwest and a wide band of rain for most of the country east of the mississippi. dry in the southwest and southern california. mild for much of texas. >> 70s in the southwest and along much of the gulf coast. in the 50s in the southeast and 40s and 50s in the northwest. low 40s in chicago, detroit, washington, and boston. 75 in new orleans, and 82 in miami. north korea is sounding off this morning after being linked by the u.s. to the sony hacking case. it is warning of strikes against
3:37 am
the white house, pentagon and the u.s. mainland following the cyberattack. the administration is now reviewing whether to put north korea back on its list of state sponsors of terrorism. it came off that list in 2008 under president bush. now for something that truly has to be seen to be believed. even when you see it, you may not believe it. this cyclist would appear to be facing certain death after being run over by a heavy 14-wheel truck at a busy intersection in china. somehow the truck's wheels don't touch him. he can't even believe he's still alive. american skiing great lindsey vonn didn't have anything that dramatic to go through. but she says a bruise to her elbow suffered in a crash is no big deal. she was racing in the french alps over the weekend. yesterday she went down in a race ending her chance to equal the record for the pro circuit career victories. she says her troublesome knee is just fine.
3:38 am
vonn did win saturday's down hill event. this florida state university investigation into sexual assault allegations against star quarterback jameis winston is over for now. winston was cleared any of violations of the school's code of conduct in connection with the two-year-old case. but the woman accusing him can appeal. abc's matt gutman has more. >> reporter: jameis winston seemingly cleared again. this time of violating school conduct in a case of sexual assault two years ago. as he won the coveted heisman trophy and led his team to the national championship last year, winston was dogged by allegations from a fellow student that he raped her at an off-campus apartment in 2012. police in tallahassee investigated but controversially chose not to charge winston or even question him directly at the time. a former florida state supreme court judge directly addressing winston wrote, the preponderance of the evidence has not shown that you are responsible for any of the charged violations of the code. adding neither his version of
3:39 am
the story nor hers was more probable than the other. the accuser's attorney called this not a decision but a statement that the judge couldn't decide. matt gutman, abc news, miami. police are warning it's illegal to sell an item that's apparently becoming somewhat popular on the internet. ads for positive pregnancy tests can now be found on craigslist in several states across the country. you heard me right. the prices here range from $15 to $50. authorities believe they could be used for blackmail even though they are advertised as, quote, a great prank. buyer beware. >> oh, my. all right. they don't stay positive for long. they get all funny. anyway, moving rapidly forward to something wholesome on the internet. a video that has plenty saying, how did she do that? >> let's check it out. let me see that again. okay.
3:40 am
she's playing jenga. you play this game, this block-stacking game? and that move was caught on tape. is that really happening? >> i have to try that at home. a lot of skeptics saying the blocks were probably glued together. but the reaction, this looked pretty genuine. >> i don't know. >> it's christmas season. a lot of kids are getting that jenga. they'll be extra busy. "the skinny" coming your way. two star-studded weddings and a comic from the "friends" cast taking a dramatic role reliving the o.j. simpson trial.
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gasoline prices have gone down every day for three months. aaa says the national average this morning is $2.40 a gallon. that's 83 cents less than this time last year.
3:44 am
missouri has the lowest prices. in springfield, gas is below $2. what year is this? beer sales across the country are tapping out. sales of seven major american brands declined by more than 20% in the past five years. a major reason is the recession. mainstream beer drinkers hit the hardest, but beer prices have been going up faster than other alcoholic beverages than their imported beers. sales for the top two mexican brands more than doubled. millions of us are in a race against the clock. still not done with the holiday shopping. >> 1 in 10 waits until christmas eve to buy their gifts. abc's gloria riviera is out there braving the lines telling us where to find those deals. >> reporter: last-minute shoppers facing the holiday countdown surged into stores across the country. so crowded it was survival of the spendiest. others getting creative. >> i tend to come to places like walgreens which is far less busy than the average mall.
3:45 am
right? i came to print off some lovely pictures to turn into a photo collage for a gift. >> i hope to find some deals. if i don't, more importantly i just want to get in and get out. >> now we're in dick's sporting goods. >> reporter: the good news, it's still not too late to get a great gift at good value. retailers in the final stretch going to extremes to get those holiday dollars. kohl's, macy's and others open around the clock in a marathon sprint to the finish. and pushing back their deadlines for ordering online. best buy guaranteeing orders as late as early monday morning will make it on time. >> if one store doesn't get you to spend with them, you'll just spend somewhere else. they're desperate. >> reporter: some of the best deals, trendy clothes, 70% off at h&m. bicycles at toys "r" us, 40% off. at kohl's, jewelry as much as 70% off. >> it's safe to say it's hard
3:46 am
not to find a deal and yet 10% of shoppers will wait until christmas eve to buy their gifts. the number one reason for procrastination? they can't decide what to get. gloria riviera, abc news, maryland. >> i have to agree with that. i've done a lot of christmas shopping but two people, i'm stumped. two men. >> who are the two? >> my uncle and stepfather. >> now they know. she's trying. >> now you asked me. i'm really under the gun. i'm trying. you want to get someone something really likes. >> it's the season of giving. they are supposed to appreciate whatever you give them. >> if they get anything at this point. time is running out. coming up, a pair of star-studded celebrity weddings. and hollywood baby naming. could be it a trend-setter? you decide. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ leading off "the skinny," sir elton john celebrating the holiday season with a winter wedding to his long time love david furnish. they've been together more than 20 years. they became civil partners in 2005.
3:49 am
>> elton shared details of their wedding on instagram, including the two of them signing their marriage license ahead of time. it was held in berkshire, england. the couple's two sons were there. the latter is almost 2 years old. dancing with his dad during the ceremony. >> wild mushroom soup, truffle cream, caramelized onion pie, warm pudding and ice cream. we know you wanted to know, so we gave you the menu as well. >> just made me hungry. congratulations to lance bass, tying the knot with his partner of four years. >> the 35-year-old exchanged vows with michael turchin at the plaza hotel in l.a. some of his former bandmates were there along with many other famous faces, including kris jenner, accompanied by her new boyfriend. her divorce now, kris jenner's divorce is now final, i'm told. she was spotted getting along with her date. >> the grooms wanted to be --
3:50 am
wanted the whole thing to be an affair to remember. they used kimye's wedding planner. guests were told to pretend they are going to a royal wedding at the met ball. that is one confusing -- when you are trying to figure out how to dress. you wear a hat and a ball gown. that's what i'm getting. >> i wouldn't know what to wear to either. >> that's why i wasn't invited. >> i've never been to either. speaking of kris jenner, our next item centers on her first husband, the late robert kardashian. we've got word about who is set to play him in an upcoming tv series. >> it's david schwimmer known as ross. he'll portray kardashian in "american crime story" the people versus o.j. simpson. kardashian was part of simpson's legal team during his murder trial. production begins in just a few weeks. >> cuba gooding jr. -- >> you can see that. >> cuba gooding jr. is already slated to play o.j.
3:51 am
no word on who will portray other personalities including johnnie cochran and the judge lance ito. we've got a triple dose of kardashian in "the skinny." kourtney is revealing her new baby's name. reign atkins -- >> which one is kourtney? >> i'm assuming that's kourtney. not too keen on the kardashians. i don't know it all, but reign is the name. reign. r-e-i-g-n. like rulg over a tabloid media empire. and his photo already on instagram. we see just a little bit of him, his hands. >> he'll be doing selfies from the crib here shortly. he's a third child of the eldest kardashian sister. so far this photo of reign holding mommy's hand is all we have. let's get to the celebrity birthdays. >> our very own diane sawyer, 69.
3:52 am
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we all dream of a white christmas. it's just every other snowy day that makes us groan. regardless of the christmas weather, we've got a surefire way to make the day merry and bright. >> abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano has a sneak peek of disney parks frozen christmas celebration. >> reporter: it's a holiday party parade. a tradition that is bigger and better than ever. >> disneyland is the most magical place on earth. what better place to celebrate christmas than here? >> reporter: the happiest place on earth hosting disney parks frozen christmas celebration. a parade unparalleled with floats, fame and festivities with familiar faces all set to air on abc christmas day. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: good morning america has the exclusive sneak peek where robin and i will take you behind the scenes in hawaii, california and florida. >> you can't have a disney frozen christmas celebration without a parade.
3:57 am
>> reporter: with olaf, elsa and ana with our favorite sing-alongs from "frozen." rock around the christmas tree with train, trisha yearwood, gavin degraw and ariana grande. the man with the bag and all your disney favorites sure to make your christmas morning a little more magical. ♪ >> you can tune into disney parks frozen christmas celebration christmas morning, 10:00/9:00 central time. >> we've got more from abc news coming up. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids.
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make news in america this morning -- officers as a nated. a vigil held overnight for two members of the nypd while sitting in their car. the missed warning signs. travel concerns. millions prepare to hit the road. a storm taking shape, possibly disrupting holiday plans. strong winds, heavy rains, and snow for some. a flifr saving a choking child. store surveillance video and the officer's body cameras capturing the life-saving action. taking flight with help from helium, a lawn chair, and a shotgun.


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